We’ve developed a Cross-Culture Awareness Training package specifically for people working on lands in the Great Victorian Desert region.

Owned & Operated

This tailored training module was originally designed for contractors and other personnel who enter the Great Victorian Desert region for work or other matters as part of the Tropicana Gold Mining Project.

Presented from the local Anangu people perspective, it encourages a greater understanding for the role of the traditional owner groups and shines a light on how mutually respectful engagement helps both the local community and the resources project to flourish.

At the request of Anglo Gold Ashanti, we provided this cross-cultural training module to all employees and on-site contractors at the Tropicana Gold Mine Site. Following this successful outcome, we are currently working towards expanding this service, ensuring our cross-cultural training will be available to other clients across the Goldfields.

If you would like to discuss the many benefits of cultural awareness training for your staff working in the Goldfields region, get in touch for a yarn.