TRIODIA SCANNING SERVICES ” Visualising utilities for your projects”

Our team is well equipped with brand new state-of-the-art tooling required to reach underground allowing our clients the ability to visualise what’s below their projects. 

We use electromagnetic locate wands and ground penetrating radar systems to track, trace and help identify subsurface utilities detected.  We have the ability to confirm depths of services with precision using less-invasive, safer vacuum excavation methods.

Our strong team of technicians have years of experience and expertise within the industry and are committed to meeting your project needs no matter how big or small.  We pride ourselves on sending same day detailed reports (once project completed) so our clients can have all information on hand when it comes time to making important decisions.


Underground Services Locating                          Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Vacuum Excavation                                                    High Pressure Gas Supervision

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Our team understands the risk of coming in contact with underground utilities, so we strive to prevent damage to projects and the broader community alike.  We know these subsurface utilities are the heartbeat for our modern lifestyle providing running water, gas, power, telecommunications, drainage, and the like for every end user.


GPR data imaging will be acquired using a Mala Easy Locator Core to detect non-conductive assets like PVC conduits, concrete pipes and buried pits.  Ground coupled antennae in the mid-frequency range will be used to provide high resolution images of the subsurface utilities to a maximum depth of 2.0-3.0m depending on the subsurface conditions.



We use a vacuum excavation to visually confirm the presence of the underground assets detected by our equipment.  Vacuum excavation is recognised as best practice by leading utility providers and is known to significantly reduce the risk of damage to underground utilities.  

Our fleet of brand-new vacuum trailers means we can quickly and safely excavate in a variety of ground conditions.  Non-destructive excavation (NDD) is a fast, effective and safe method to locate inground live services.  NDD reduces the risk and costs that are brought about by traditional digging methods.  Highly pressurised water is used, along with an air vacuum to complete the hydro excavation process.


All works conducted within the vicinity of ATCO Gas Australia critical mains needs to be located, potholed and supervised by an accredited High-Pressure Spotter.  Our team includes accredited spotters, and locators to accurately locate and protect high-pressure gas mains and ensure the safety of any works conducted within the scope of your project near these critical mains.  As an industry standard, we ensure projects are delivered in accordance with all permit notification, supervision, and other requirements of ATCO Gas Australia.


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The Triodia Scanning Services head office is located within the Perth Airport surrounds and our technicians operate throughout the Greater Perth Area, Bunbury, South-West region, and regional WA.